Reservoirs and Landfills

Tough Cell cellular confinement system is a reliable solution for reservoirs and landfills, including waste, and leachate impoundment. Tough Cell geocells are layered on top of a reservoir slope or pond geomembrane, filled with aggregate or concrete fill for long lasting protection against human or naturally caused damage.

The most crucial challenge for reservoirs is the ability to completely and efficiently protect its containment geomembrane – all while ensuring soil and slope stability. Tough Cell Geocells – with armor infill – provide exactly that. Tough Cells made from Neoloy novel polymeric alloy are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and have been tested to have very low polymeric creep. The Tough Cell technology allows long-lasting, durable soil stabilization against erosive forces, slip and mass movements, while the geocell layer further shields the geomembranes from damage.

When used in landfills as a cover system, combined with an erosion control layer that minimizes erosion, Tough Celll maximizes control over the dissipation of gases released from decomposing municipal waste landfills. The capacity of these landfills is increased by using steeper slopes enabled by Tough Cell slope protection.

The Tough Cell structure enhances a multitude of infill material behavior, successfully enabling the use of:

Concrete – Containment and treatment ponds. Using concrete is fast and efficient. The Tough Cell is laid in ready-made forms and finished with hard-armor in a uniform thickness – for the best results for every environment.

Gravel – Landfill drainage and leachate treatment.

Vegetated – Landfill covers, landscape rehabilitation and detention ponds.



Neoloy material is highly sustainable, equating to the ability for long term resistant to any environmental condition including UV, acidity, extreme temperatures and oxidation. This solution minimizes maintenance costs throughout its lifecycle


Reduced amounts of concrete and minimal environmental impact are accomplished throughout the construction site and surrounding areas.


The flexible construction of the system withstands subgrade movements, thus mitigating cracks. This provides durability to seismic movements, while efficiently containing water and like materials.


Fast and simple construction using the Tough Cell as ready-made forms for concrete casting. With this in mind, there is no need for a large workforce, ultimately allowing for a minimized logistics and labor