Municipal, Provincial, Federal Government

Governments are under constant pressure to make smart financial decisions within strict budget constraints. This is a particularly challenging issue when it comes to transportation infrastructure. Maintenance costs grow year after year and are further exacerbated by cumulative backlogs in maintenance and road construction that often are not rehabilitated as planned due to budget constraints, seasonality or unexpected usage. Further on, road rehabilitation is costly, yet unavoidable, and transportation infrastructure expansions are always necessary due to increase traffic needs.

Tough Cell, a world leading geocell solution, can save valuable time and capital for all governments – municipal, provincial and federal, by constructing long lasting, sustainable roads, the heavy burden of never-ending maintenance can be diminished – leading to more satisfied constituents. With proven low maintenance needs, public roads built with Tough Cell can help municipal, provincial and federal bodies to more effectively use their limited operating budgets and continue to meet the ever-growing transportation needs of their communities.

Tough Cell, an innovative yet proven technology for road – paved or unpaved road construction, answers many of the complex challenges of modern public transportation. This high-performance geosynthetic solution ensures a quicker, cost-effective work process. These factors, coupled with sustainable and proven results, as well as the ability to build all year round, makes Tough Cell the best available road building alternative for government infrastructure decision makers today.

Paved Roads

Tough Cell is a solution that is not limited to application for weak subgrade or clay soils. The alternative to use locally available, weaker soils, with their modulus being improved by Tough Cell confinement for the base layer, presents proven cost savings and more sustainable road construction opportunities for a large variety of infrastructure projects.

Vast research of the reinforcement mechanisms has shown that the most important parameter for soil confinement is the geocell material. Tough Cell, which is a Neoloy based geocell, increases the strength of its infill material and the elastic modulus of the pavement due to its high tensile strength, improved polymeric creep resistance and overall structural integrity – over time and under dynamic and cyclical stresses.

Tough Cell is suitable for the reinforcement of any existing paved roads or the construction of reliable, long lasting new roads. The many governmental projects executed with Tough Cell have proven that its use reduces paved road maintenance and significantly increases the life-span of the road. This makes paved road construction with Tough Cell a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution than any other solution on the market.

Unpaved Roads

The Tough Cell solution provides a strong base / subbase for unpaved road construction, enabling the use on any kind of low bearing capacity soil – whether it be clay, saturated soil or other soft soils. In general, conventional aggregate materials require thicker pavement layers and extensive earthwork The geocell enhances the layer modulus, reducing the layer thickness to suit all types of unpaved roads / gravel roads, and low volume roads, bringing benefits such as:

For Access Roads

Although usually placed in remote areas with low aggregate availability, the construction of these roads with Tough Cell is less costly due to utilization of locally available materials

Bypass and Service Roads

Whether temporary or permanent. these quickly built roads, emergency access, green roads, or natural preservation paths, need to suitable for all weather construction and withstand heavy vehicles traffic. All these requirements are fully met by the Tough Cell solution.

Haul Roads

Tough Cell contributes to greater durability through its stress distribution mechanism and prevention of gravel attrition guarantees the construction of smooth, long lasting durable roads for heavy load support and increased. It is suitable for logging roads, forest services, mining application, and those for haul trucks.

Other Unpaved Roads

Rural, parking lots, storage depots, reinforced green shoulders are all supported via Tough Cell.



Reduced maintenance costs throughout lifecycle, reduced layer thickness, initial construction savings with use Tough Cell reinforced local materials


Asphalt roads, bypass, construction roads, embankments, slopes, even bicycle lanes – Tough Cell is the answer for any type of public roads.


Tough Cell structure allows the use of most soil types as infill and is durable under heavy loads. In addition, it can be deployed on all subgrades (peat, sand, permafrost) in any climate around the globe.


Fast and simple deployment, all weather installation.

Project Example: Steep Slope Stabilization in the City of Calgary

This Calgary steep roadside slope that is located in a residential area was continuously subdued by repeated sliding. The slope had chronic surface erosion and natural runoff that created drainage problems and safety issues that had to be dealt with. The challenge was to find a solution that would supply a sustainable erosion control solution with minimal future maintenance needs. Another challenge was the clay subgrade that was partially contributing to the sliding and failures. Calgary city and Golder Associates chose Tough Cell as the solution and the installation process was supervised by city representatives. During the process, the slope was graded and terraced, a single layer of Tough Cell was installed and filled with 10 cm of soil. The reinforced slope was mulched to stimulate natural growth and seeded for further future erosion protection.

The installation process was performed quickly with no disruption to the residents of the area. One year after installation there were no failures and a positive burst of regrowth was noted.