Mines rely on haul roads and truck transportation. Tough Cell offers various long-lasting soil stabilization solutions for mining applications, including haul road construction and reinforcement, mining site rehabilitation and the reinforcement of waste stacks.

Tough Cell is structurally designed to sustain heavy loads for 600+ ton haul trucks and provides sufficient bearing capacity – for this weight – even over soft soils. The confinement system created by Tough Cells produces a beam effect that distributes the load equally over a larger area, providing strong surface adhesion, all while diminishing dust dispersion. Haul road durability also has a positive effect on the vehicle fleet, including the reduction of tire wear and tear, and the insurance of continuous and safer operations. The Tough Cell solution can be utilized to construct both temporary roadways and permanent roadways for all mine site needs.

Mine waste containment – A combination of Tough Cell with geomembranes can construct an impervious impoundment for mine waste with several infill possibilities according to containment needs: concrete (liquids), gravel (leachate treatment), and topsoil (landscaping).

Earth retention – Retaining walls can be utilized for crack prevention, erosion control and for surface water mining diversions – even in saturated subgrades. Using Tough Cell improves drainage capabilities and sustainability under hydrostatic forces, while enabling vegetation growth for a green solution.

Slope protection – Used for steep slope mine reinforcement and dry waste containment to prevent sliding due to gravitational forces, Tough Cell ensures mine safety, while preventing erosion and enabling green vegetation growth.

Mine Rehabilitation

Tough Cell is the perfect solution for abandoned mine site rehabilitation due to different construction possibilities enabling earth stabilization and landfill geomembrane protection. The permanent roadways to the deserted site usually need substantial maintenance and reinforcement, while construction of new temporary roadways is required for hauling heavy equipment during the rehabilitation process. All these applications are offered with the Tough Cell solution in a cost-effective manner and with the ability for rapid installation.

Tough Cell’s unique frictional resistance, coupled with the soil-cell interlock effect, ensures mine wall strength for up to 75 years. This includes non-degradable performance with diminished maintenance needs.


Cost Effective

Reduced maintenance costs throughout the lifecycle, longest design life, reduced wear and tear on hauling fleet and initial construction savings with use of local materials results in the market’s leading cost-effective solution for mines.


Fast and simple deployment, all weather installation - all year round.


The Tough Cell structure allows the use of most soil types as infill and is durable under very heavy loads. In mine rehabilitation applications, Tough Cell perforations create a root interlock effect further stabilizing soil mass.


An overall green solution. Improves ecological properties with soil conservation, better water flow management and vegetation growth. Enables better visual esthetics and is a non-corrosive solution for containment ponds.