The Tough Cell cellular confinement system (CCS) is designed to specifically address the challenges related to forest road reinforcement and construction, through the ability to build all weather sustainable logging roads. With Tough Cell, forest service roads can be quickly built on any terrain and exceed any other solution in durability, with minimal maintenance requirements. The installation process of logging roads is fast, simple, does not require sacrificing part of the timber to build log roads, and can be performed by small work crews in all weather conditions – all year round. The infill material can be successfully constructed from free draining soils or other available local materials, with minimal need for subgrade excavation.

In forestry areas, when constructing logging roads, minimizing the environmental footprint is more important than ever. It becomes necessary not to interrupt animal habitats and diminish both visual and environmental impact. Rutting by heavy logging vehicles is minimized by the reinforced gravel surface logging roads in deforestation watershed areas are prevented from causing sedimentation plumes in adjacent water bodies. The Tough Cell solution can be used to construct long lasting and easily maintainable logging roads as well as forest service roads and log yards.


Cost Effective

Reduced maintenance costs throughout the lifecycle, longer life span, reduced labor, fuel and haulage costs make Tough Cell the most cost-effective option across the industry. This is in addition to construction savings resulting from the use of local materials and reduced tire wear and tear.


Fast and simple deployment, all weather installation.


The Tough Cell structure allows the use of most soil types as infill and is durable under heavy loads. Graveled surfaces prevent rutting even under heavy logging vehicle loads.


Tough Cell has a minimized footprint and prevents sedimentation run-off, enables better visual esthetics as well as landscape rehabilitation, making it a sustainable green solution.