The Tough Cell high-performance geocell, fabricated from Neoloy, introduces a multitude of proven benefits to the world of soil stabilization. This innovative technology enables highly-significant improvements – both from economic and engineering perspectives – that lead to unmatched, industry-leading, cost-effective solutions.

Tough Cell technology allows optimization according to performance requirements for each specific project. This tailoring capability maximizes the compatibility to the project’s needs, successfully creating a scenario in which this tailor-made solution can reduce project costs by up to 50%. By using Tough Cell, all project milestones are tediously thought-out – offering the best value-engineered proposition, most efficient installation method, flexible infill needs, and proven longevity for design-life performance. This innovative technology results in time, equipment and manpower savings during construction.

Cost Reduction

Cost and quality are the two most important factors in most projects decision making. Thus, the use of local infills, reduced transportation costs due to Tough Cell 3D confinement and soil reinforcement properties, long term durability and low maintenance needs, plus fast installation with local work crews and all-weather installation, versatile project adaptation according to specific needs - all lead to one of the industry's leading cost-effective road building solutions.

Non-Cohesive Fill

Tough Cell technology does not require expensive importation and transport of aggregate as a base layer to the project site, enabling the use of locally available, free-draining, non-cohesive, granular native soils and/or sand, recycled concrete, RAP, among other recycled materials. This equates not only to valuable savings in transportation costs, but also diminish the negative environmental impact.

Easy Deployment, Fast Installation

Optimized, palleted factory packaging provides for efficient transport to the work site where the material can easily and efficiently be placed, pinned and infilled. The process is continuous and saves time compared to conventional road construction due to the aggregate material savings and less compaction and machine time required.


Sustainability is achieved by addressing all three pillars of sustainable development: environment, economy and society. Tough Cell tackles all of these and can reduce the use of virgin aggregate material, provide the ability to incorporate locally available weaker granular materials, recycled granular material, such as recycled concrete or RAP, and provide substantial reduction of project carbon footprint. Tough Cell takes these factors into consideration; the combination of geotechnical structural design and the Neoloy material in the Tough Cell solution enables reliable, warrantied product performance of a minimum of 75 years

Stronger Structural Layers

Tough Cells’ structural stiffness, long-term confinement, modulus improvement and beam effect increase subgrade, subbase and base strength - all equate to lower vertical stress, enabling thickness optimization for structural support in road construction. Subsequently, optimized and reinforced layers mean lower infill material costs, less machine time, and faster construction, leading to one of the most effective and efficient methods of road construction available.

Green Solution

Tough Cell is an ideal green, sustainable solution for roads, highways and civil infrastructure. In flexible pavements, Tough Cell reinforcement typically reduces the amount of granular infill materials by 50% or more. Additionally, the reinforcement enables the use of on-site/ marginal quality and/or poorly graded infill or recycled materials. Yet, this is not where the list ends; results on sustainability are numerous.These include:

  • The reduction of virgin aggregate used – less screening, crushing, processing and hauling;
  • Less in-site placement (and less subgrade replacement) – less earthworks / equipment operations;
  • The overall reduction of fuel use, vehicle pollution, airborne dust, sediment runoff and project carbon footprint.

The increased stiffness of the Tough Cell reinforcement also improves the pavement performance enabling higher traffic, heavier loading and/or extended service life, meaning fewer repairs, longer life-cycle maintenance and more reliable and safer roads. For erosion control and earth stabilization, Tough Cell maximizes soil confinement, maximizes drainage and prevents runoff.